Portable Underwater Dock Lighting Benefits | Deep Glow

What benefits do Deep Glow lights offer?

Deep Glow lights create a soft glow on above water structures which creates an ambience unmatched by above-water lights. Marine life are attracted to our lights, so it is not uncommon to find sea creatures such as seahorses or squid. Dock mounted lights typically produce glare and bugs, both of which are eliminated with underwater lights. Many customers use the lights as guiding tools to allow a smooth boating entry at night. 
Deep Glow's high quality, patented underwater lights illuminate the waterways at night and are excellent at attracting fish

What are the installation options?

Deep Glow Lights are designed to be easily installed by the homeowner in just minutes without getting wet. Throw or drop the light into the water.  The light is specially designed to right itself and fall to the bottom facing the surface. Next, insert the plug into a timer or photocell and plug the timer into the dock power (110 Volt with GFCI - Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter).  Each light kit includes easy to follow instructions. Click here to view: Deep Glow Installation Guide or you can download the guide by clicking here.

What colors are available?

Deep Glow currently has four different colors: Deep Green, Bahama Blue, Crystal Clear and Passion Red.  We recommend the color Green for waters that are not crystal clear year round such as inland bays and waterways.  Bahama Blue and Crystal Clear is great for clear water such as in the Keys and the Bahamas.  Passion Red is generally used in specialty applications such as theme parks.

What is the recommended depth a light can be installed?

Depending on water clarity, lights should have a minimum depth of 3 feet and up to a maximum of 20 feet.  Our technicians have designed mounting systems for a variety of deep water situations such as floating docks and areas where fixed mounting is necessary due to extreme conditions.

How do the lights turn on and off?

The lights can either be used with a timer or a photocell which allows them to turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

How long do the lights last?

The light housing is injection molded from polycarbonate material which is non-corrosive and therefore designed to withstand many years of enjoyment.  The bulbs have an expected life of approximately 5500 run-time hours or nearly 2 years at 8 hrs per night after which time they will gradually become dimmer and replacement bulbs are available at a discounted rate in our Shopping Cart.

How much do they cost to operate?

@8 Hours per night (minimum recommended):
150 watts X 8 hrs/day /1000 = 1.2 kWh/day X $.076/kWh* = $0.0912 daily X 30 days = $2.74/month

Operating Sunset to Sunrise:
150 watts X 13 hrs/day / 1000 = 1.5kWh/day X $.076/kWh* = $.114 daily X 30 days = $4.44/month

*Based on Pinellas County, Florida rates ($.076/kWh)

What kind of maintenance is required?

Deep Glow lights are virtually maintenance free. Each night as the light becomes active it goes through a process of self cleaning by reaching an optimal heating peak. In some saltwater areas of heavy growth or sediment, we recommend that the lights be occasionally cleaned.  One of the great benefits of the Deep Glow design is that cleaning is easy and takes only minutes. Simply unplug the light, pull it out of the water, scrub the lens with a stiff brush and drop back in the water.

How bright are the lights?

While each Deep Glow light produces over 10,000 lumens, the patented design reflects all of the light towards the surface of the water, so the result is a view from the surface which is brighter than lights which consume more energy.  Depending on water clarity and depth, the light projects a diameter of 15-30 feet of light.  Additionally, the lights cast a beautiful glow on above water structures such as pilings, docks and boats.  Take a look at the many photos in our photo gallery to get a feel for the diameter of light.

What happens if a light is left in the water not running for an extended amount of time?

If the dock loses power, marine growth may eventually accumulate on the lens which can decrease light output particularly in saltwater environments.  How fast growth occurs depends on the area and temperature of the water.  In this case, Deep Glow lights can be easily pulled out of the water and cleared of barnacles and algae growth with a scrub brush.  If barnacles have formed, the heavy duty lens can withstand scraping with a metal edge or screwdriver.  Lenses can also be replaced if marine growth is too severe.    If you are aware of a loss of power to the dock that will last more than a few days, we recommend that you pull the light out of the water until power is restored.

Why should I buy Deep Glow lights instead of another brand?

  • User replaceable, long-life, shock resistant metal halide bulb
  • Rugged housing and protective lens designed to withstand shock, wave action, prop wash, cast nets, and cleaning.
  • Energy efficient ballast, more efficient than a typical halogen dock light.
  • Built from non-corrosive and non-conductive materials
  • Choose from 4 bright beautiful colors (green, blue, clear and red)
  • Shock resistant - No exposed bulb to break
  • Low profile for shallow waters